Coming up at the Bus Driver’s Prayer!

chris_difford                                                                                                                                                                The Legendary Chris Difford!! Thursday November 27th 7.30pm




Every Tam, Beth & Carrie!

 The Bus Driver’s Prayer is an irreverent, offbeat and importantly BYOB night of music, comedy and poetry on Brick Lane. For our final event of 2014 we have two great feature acts: legendary pop lyricist Chris Difford and comedy theatre trio Every Tam, Beth and Carrie.
The night is hosted by your bus conductor Richard Purnell, with performances from comic poets Andrew Brown and Anthony Fairweather, and singer-songwriter Jamie Smart.

Kahaila Café, 135 Brick Lane, Thursday 25 September 2014, 7.30pm. Buy tickets here.  Earlybird £5/Full Price, £9

Bring Your Own Booze.


Chris Difford!!!

Chris Difford was the lyricist from classic pop band Squeeze. Alongside Glenn Tilbrook, he wrote hit songs such as Cool For Cats, Up The Junction and Pulling Mussels (From The Shell) and many, many more. Together they formed a songwriting partnership which has been compared to Lennon and McCartney. With Chris Difford’s unique storytelling gift, and Tilbrook’s pop sensibility, their music continues to inspire musicians and music fans to this day. We’re delighted Chris will be joining us at The Bus Driver’s Prayer.

Here’s Chris back in the day singing Cool for Cats on TOTP!


Every Tam, Beth & Carrie

This all-female comedy theatre trio stormed the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe, getting rave reviews in The Stage “sparkling entertainment”, Broadway Baby “a joy to watch” and “brilliant one-liners”. Ffion Jones, May Phillips and Lexy Howe will be performing two of Lexy’s very dark, very funny stories.


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